Shoe Jewellery

Shoe Clips are Accessories, Decorations or Jewellery for Women's shoes. Shoe Clip Jewellery can be used on any shoes that you would like to embellish. They are a removable shoe decoration for Ladies shoes.

Being a temporary attachment to the shoes, our Shoe Clip Jewellery can be easily added and removed as desired and utilised on a diverse range of shoes.

Shoe Clips are the latest fashion. We all love shoes, and shoe clip accessories give women the option to change the look of your plus size shoes for any event and take your Ladies large size shoes from day to night - to easily match your outfit or just glam up the large size Women's shoes you already have in your collection.


Product Description for Shoe Clip Accessories

Shoe Jewellery has built in soft gel heel protection

A tiny rubber lip creates a cushion between the heel and rim of the shoe

A super slim non slip design

Can be removed easily without damaging your large size shoes


How to wear your Shoe Clip Jewellery

First hang soft gel lip of the shoe clip jewellery over your shoe in the desired location

Then remove the cover from the sticker patch and hold in place for 30 seconds

Enjoy looking fabulous - it's as easy as that!

(The sticker patch will not damage the shoes and is just to help hold the shoe decoration in place. Shoe accessories can then be removed and re-used whenever you would like to impress).

Removable shoe decoration and accessories for ladies large size shoes

Decorate your plus size shoes

Give the look of luxury sparkling diamonds on your plus size shoes

Make a fashion statement and create your own look

Party all night –  Moulds perfectly over your large size Women's shoes protecting and cushioning your heels, allowing you to enjoy yourself in complete comfort and look amazing at the same time!

Add glamour to any shoe

Sparkle as you party, dance or just look cool, calm and totally glamourous



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